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    Я ни коим образом не претендую на лавры великого репортера желтой прессы. Просто я, пользуясь своими скромными познаниями английского языка и кое какими отрывочными знанияи о музыкальных направлениях, пересказываю вам новости, напечатанные в различных околомузыкальных журналах.

В стиле глэм!.


По состоянию на 11 ноября 1999:

Top 20 Singles

  1. Santana "Smooth" [Arista]
  2. Brian McKnight "Back At One" [Motown]
  3. Lou Bega "Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of Mambo" [RCA]
  4. Marc Anthony "I Need To Know" [Columbia]
  5. Mariah Carey "Heartbreaker" [Columbia]
  6. Puff Daddy "Satisfy You" [Bad Boy]
  7. TLC"Unpretty" [LaFace]
  8. Whitney Houston "My Love Is Your Love" [Arista]
  9. Jessica Simpson "I Wanna Love You Forever" [Columbia]
  10. Len "Steal My Sunshine" [WORK]
  11. Jennifer Lopez "Waiting For Tonight" [WORK]
  12. Donell Jones "U KNow What's Up" [LaFace]
  13. Ideal "Get Gone" [Noontime]
  14. Britney Spears "(You Drive Me) Crazy" [Jive]
  15. Sugar Ray "Someday" [Lava]
  16. 702 "Where My Girls At?" [Motown]
  17. Red Hot Chili Peppers "Scar Tissue" [Warner Bros.]
  18. Christina Aguilera"Genie In A Bottle" [C2]
  19. Juvenile (feat. Manny Fresh & 'Lil Wayne) "Back That Thang Up" [Cash Money]
  20. Savage Garden "I Knew I Loved You" [Columbia]
Copyright 1999, Billboard/BPI Communications, and Soundscan, Inc.

Top 20 Albums

  1. Rage Against The Machine "The Battle Of Los Angeles" [Epic]
  2. Mariah Carey "Rainbow" [Columbia]
  3. Lil' Wayne "Tha Block Is Hot" [Cash Money]
  4. Jim Johnston "World Wrestling Federation: WWF The Album" [Koch]
  5. Santana "Supernatural" [Arista]
  6. Backstreet Boys "Millennium" [Jive]
  7. Britney Spears "...Baby One More Time" [Jive]
  8. Counting Crows "This Desert Life" [DGC]
  9. Lou Bega "A Little Bit Of Mambo" [RCA]
  10. Foo Fighters "There's Nothing Left To Lose" [Roswell]
  11. Creed "Human Clay" [Wind-up]
  12. Limp Bizkit "Significant Other" [Flip]
  13. Kid Rock "Devil Without A Cause" [Lava]
  14. Christina Aguilera "Christina Aguilera" [RCA]
  15. Master P "Only God Can Judge Me" [No Limit]
  16. LeAnn Rimes "LeAnn Rimes" [Curb]
  17. Juvenile "400 Degreez" [Cash Money]
  18. Dixie Chicks "Fly" [Monument]
  19. Brian McKnight "Back At One" [Motown]
  20. Alan Jackson "Under The Influence" [Arista Nashville]
Copyright 1999, Billboard/BPI Communications, and Soundscan, Inc.

Top 10 Rock singles

  1. Bush "The Chemicals Between Us" [Trauma]
  2. Creed "Higher" [Wind-Up]
  3. Foo Fighters "``Learn To Fly" [Roswell]
  4. Limp Bizkit "Re-Arranged" [Flip]
  5. Live "The Dolphin's Cry" [Radioactive]
  6. Filter "Take A Picture" [Reprise]
  7. Red Hot Chili Peppers "Around The World" [Warner Bros.]
  8. Blink-182 "All The Small Things" [MCA]
  9. Rage Against The Machine "Guerrilla Radio" [Epic]
  10. 311 "Come Original" [Capricorn]
Copyright 1999, Billboard/BPI Communications, and Soundscan, Inc.



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1999 поддержка ЗАО "Телефан", Sharada Studio, Animals Group, AlHard